Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tribute

7 yrs ago something from the unknown world got into me and told me to try my luck in trying to understand this beautiful instrument called violin.As I set forth to fulfill one of those mundane instantaneous charm which my family encouraged solely for the fact that it is a healthy time gripper, I began this journey of experiencing live music in its classical forms from my scholarly teacher who hails from a family of great musicians renowned worldwide.Slowly and steadily as I was keeping my baby steps into learning the intricacies of the instrument , I realised how difficult it is to pursue an art and how much of patience and keenness it requires. My respect for the violinists and other musicians relentlessly increased in tens of folds and i hold my hand together bowing my head now that I am dwelling into the materialistic world with my dream of becoming a violinist still remaining a dream....
As I write this I come across a web entry mentioning about the demise of one of the popular violinists Kunnakudi.Known for his speed, creativity and active involvement in a variety of activities from acting to stage performance, playing purely classical to light jingles, conservative style to modern 7 string combo,this dude has amazed me beyond words. Hailed from the same place as this musician my thoughts go back to the times when I used to stare at one of those doordarshan telecasts of his mixed speed performance of "ottagathai kattiko" number from the movie gentleman.Its sad that the system doesnt permit us to stagnate the cycle of life and death of these godly talented folks; Preciousness needs to be felt when its present else as they say "we miss the bus". For the amount of devotion, focus and dedication these artists hold in what they have learnt,practised and imparted to the world, they shall ever be remembered and thought about.
I have heard innumerable number of comments from my close circle of people who were blinded by his lavish looks and flamboyant body language while they missed to look at the genre of skills he possessed with the violin be it strumming, tuning and bowing and the variety of blissful tones ranging from melody to mass rap that he delivered for us.
As an ever aspiring ,always inspired student of art as I trek forward in the musical journey of exploring the beauty of strumming sound from my little violin, I shall never forget the enthusiasm and enjoyment that I saw in Kunnakudi's kumkum adorned face be it the time of joyous raghuvamsasudha or the slow varali raaga.My salutes to the soul of Kunnakudi who made a difference to the world of South Indian Music in his own charming way!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Musical Moment.....

I walk through the door, I heard a shriek,I heard a puff.I creeped in as quietly as possible..I saw a pink cheek looking at me with a big happy face. Tears rolled down the pink beauty, but the big wide smile in her face had hidden the agony behind the priceless , once in a lifetime moment she was waiting for!!. I turned around and looked and saw that the smile has spread everywhere.I was shrunk into a tiny little speck cuddled into the couch wandering into the fantasy world of the little one enjoiing the closest last moments in the warmth of her mom's pouch waiting to spring out and see the big vast world.

That was the moment of agony twined in ecstasy;A mother waiting for the child to be born!!

Is it agony because of the process or ecstasy because of the result? I would also think that its agony to let go of the closest moment for the baby but ecstasy to meet the other part who made it; May be thats why the first expression was to cry!! Its also nature's way of saying that every little thing has a deadline , in its true sense; else u loose the quality and value of it.Little do we give a moment and value the valuable but priceless amount of things which are with us forever with no lines drawn till the end!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Why does the wave come to u and goes back the very moment it reached? Why does ur thoughts transcend to something you want and your brain sends out signals to say that you may get something different? Why do you have to like someone while the one you liked is not what you have? Why do you have to see positivity and then a stream of negating arguments to beat it up? Why do you get something that you deserve and not something that you want? Why is it that we are full of questions and that only for our situations it cannot be answered? Why do you say a YES when you want to say a NO? Why do you say a NO when you want to refuse to answer? Why do we always do things which we are pulled to do and not because we look forward to? Why do we convince ourselves that change is something which doesn’t change? Why do we have to finally wait to get to a point of saturation to loose interest on our goal and that very moment it comes to you and you don’t relish it? Why am I writing this? Why am I not sleeping tonight?? Why……………

Monday, January 30, 2006


"காதல்" - நான் பல நாட்கள் கழித்து பார்த்த ஒரு உருக்கமான படம்.தத்ருபமான வடிவமைப்பு.உணர்ச்சி மிக்க கதாபாத்திரங்கள்.தமிழ் நாட்டில் பல இடங்களில் நடந்த/நடந்து கொண்டிருக்கும் ஒரு விஶயம்.நடைமுறையுடன் ஓட்டிய இயக்கம்.இளைஞர்களிடம் உள்ள ஒரு அசட்டு தைரியத்தை அழகாக காட்டியிருக்கிறார்கள்.பல நாட்களாக நான் பார்க்க காத்திருந்த படம் என்னை அவளவாக ஏமாற்றவில்லை.

இரு இன்றைய இளைய உள்ளங்களிடையெ சிறிய வயதில் வாழ்க்கையின் பாதை எவ்வளவு நெளிவு சுளிவுகள் கொண்டது என்று உணர்வதற்கு முன்பு ஏற்படுகின்ற ஒரு மயக்கம் என்பதை அழகாக கூறபட்டுள்ள ஒரு கதை.எனது பெற்றோருடன் பார்த்திருந்தால் இதுவாக தான் யோசித்திருப்பேன்.நானாக தனியர்றையில் உட்கார்ந்து கொண்டு பார்க்கும் போது ஒரு விதமாக அது எவ்வளவு முக்கியமான உண்மை என்பதை முதன் முறையாக என் அம்மா அப்பா இல்லாமல் நானாக கற்று கொண்டபோது என் மேல் எனக்கெ அளவில்லா பெறுமை.அதற்காக காதலிப்பது தவறு என்று சொல்லவில்லை.காதலித்த நேரம்தான் தவறாக தோன்றிற்று.

சென்னையில் வேலை தேடி வரும் ஒரு மிக சாதாரணமான இளைஞனின் தினப்படி வாழ்க்கை,லலிதா ஜுவெல்லரி அருகில் கடை வைத்து கொண்டு மற்றவர்களிடம் அடிக்கும் வரட்டு ஜம்பம்,தன் உடன் வசிப்பவனின் நண்பன் ஊரிலிருந்து ஓடி வந்து திருமணம் செய்து கொண்டான் என்றவுடன் வரவேற்பு கொடுக்கும் முறை இதெல்லாம் எனக்கு ரொம்பவும் நிஜமாக தோன்றியது.ஜாதி வெறி பிடித்த மக்கள் இன்னும் நிறைய இருக்கிறார்கள் என்பது இப்படிபட்ட உண்மை கதைகள் மூலம் ஊர்ஜிதபடுத்தபட்டுள்ளது.

ப்ளஸ் டூ படிக்கும் பெண்ணிடம் உள்ள துடிப்பு ,உலகை எதிர்க்கும் தைரியம் இதையெல்லாம் பார்க்கையில் காதல் ஒரு புனிதமான விஶயமா அல்லது அவர்களிடையே வளர்ந்த ஊடல் வெறும் மோகமா என்பது ஒரு கேள்வி..அப்படியே ஒரு சிறு வயது மோகம் என்று வைத்து கொண்டால் சில வருடங்களுக்கு பிறகு அந்த பெண் இவ்வளவு பாதிக்கபட்டது ஏன்?அப்படியானால் அவள் மற்றொருவருடன் வாழ்ந்தது இந்த கடந்த கால நினைப்பு இல்லாமலா?அன்று ரோட்டில் பார்க்கும் வரை அவன் நினைப்பு வர வில்லையா?அல்லது சூழ்நிலையினால் அவள் அப்படி ஒரு முடிவுக்கு வந்தாளா?என் அறிவுக்கு எட்டாத ஒரு விஶயம்..ஏனெனில் எனக்கு ஒரு ஆழந்த மனப்பாடு "முயற்சி செய்தார் தோல்வி அடையார் " .நடைமுறைக்கு சாத்தியப்படாது என்ற கருத்து பரவலாக இருக்கலாம்..ஆனால் இது எனது இடம் நான் சிந்திப்பதெ இங்கு இருக்கும் அனைத்தும்..உங்களில் யாரேனும் வேறு விதமாக சிந்தித்தால் அந்த கருத்துக்கள் அனைத்தும் வரவேற்க்கபடுகின்றன..மீண்டும் சந்திப்போம்!!.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hello Who is This??

Few months back I had scribbled about how difficult it is to make someone learn my surname…Guess the saying “what goes around comes around” holds very true for this situation. Off late I have been trying to talk to a lot of people as a part of my job hunting process. I talk to people of different nationality and its funny that most often than not I don’t get to realize what their names are. There are times when I had asked 2-3 times and the guy at the other side ends up telling “You can call me…” Guys Iam not disabled with names!!Just that I take time...Probably that’s what he should have been thinking when he saw my name on my resume. In addition to the problems whatever service provider I use my luck with cell phone instrument is always rotten that it would pick up everything else around but the voice..and my luck had been favoring me in such a way that I get to talk to either Mexicans or Chinese. I claim myself reasonably good with getting other names. Now I know how tough it is for the other person to say Srinivasaraghavan…Hats off to my old colleague who used to tell my surname 3 times a day 7 days a week!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A gift on my way to grocery..

It was one of those erratic days when things are definitely off the schedule.For I was waiting for a phone interview as late as 10.30pm in the night. Bored with these kinds of activities for so many days now I decided to go for a walk and checkout whats going on around me. As I stepped out of the house I realized that the weather is planning to give me a pleasure treat. I walked across the complex gazing at the clouds beginning to hide the stars studded sky. Days since I observed what nature looks like around. The sight of the oak tree strands over the dim light was such a gorgeous view. Refreshing cold wind was blowing across my face, a fresh gush of energy and an innate glee spread around me. For a moment I forgot about my regular set of worries and the upcoming interview in an hour’s time. It is usually very rare to walk around in winter without a jacket like that and today was one of those wonderful days when we had a chance to enjoy the pleasant breeze and feel the breeze ..as my hum goes.. “Ithu Oru Ponmalai Pozhudhu…”

The time I spent may be quite less but the effect obtained is invaluable and is most cherishing...I walked around a bit and heard the musical chatter of the leaves waving in the wind. Everything around me looked so happy and gloriously peaceful. Gazing at everything around me I walked across the road, finished some grocery and was getting back when it started raining so harshly..I stopped outside the shop and just waited to watch the rain.Such a pleasant feeling when the cool air engulfs your eyes and your face...Nothing could make you forget the worst of feelings than such a beautiful evening experience..What a gift of rejuvenation and ofcourse at the right time!!

I stood there observing the falling droplets of water cross the light of the white lamps...I dint realize how long it was ..until I could see no more of the drops...until the rain stopped that I had just left the things I bought over in the corner unattended....All engrossed with the strong smelling soil and the pitter patter rain-drops …a welcome break from my mundane routine.. I walked back and I felt the flowing cold water in my feet..I remembered my childhood when I used to willingly go back from school drenching myself completely. My slippers slipped as it always does ...Guess I failed in my lessons to walk forever.The sound of flowing water was so fresh to remind me of all the peaceful things that I have ever thought of.. Reminds me of the days in Chennai when I used to visit the beach late in the night.I got recharged to some sort of hyper mood ...I completely forgot about my interview and came back home with a feeling of not-wanting- to-part the cheerfulness I was blessed with . I peeked through my window just to see that the rain had completely stopped ..probably telling me that it is enough for today’s share of fun. I sat back with my friend to solve another crossword when I suddenly realized it was 10.30...and tring...goes my phone Unknown Call...Good Luck to me!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

As we go on...

Bored to the core by job hunting for almost 3 months…gawd!! never knew sitting idle was so tough. I picked up a couple of fiction books from the neighborhood library. To my strange surprise I couldn’t move beyond 20 pages in one of the books which was once my hot favorite author. I realized I have outgrown lot of things in this transition of so many years now..especially after being in the USA myself.May be it’s the people I was associated with, Or is it by the proverb “ Too much of anything is good for nothing”..

.My closest people do know how lousy I take care of myself…but I do realize that there had been a subconscious learning inside me. Things I liked the most seem to be trivial to me anymore. Everything changes in a span of time and it is natural to happen..but these are the small things where you notice the difference in yourself and that is when you feel that things are changing. On the other hand I have also started liking lot of other things which I used to loathe.. ..I suppose this is what learned people call it “Growing”!..Or should I say.."Iam old"..no dont want to go there..:)